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Desktop Fun can put over 32 different effects on your windows desktop
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Desktop Fun can be used to fool your friends or for fun,you can use over 32 different effects on your windows desktop.
Desktop Fun is very easy to use, just select an effect and click on the "start" button to see your screen going crazy.
You can select an effect from over 32 effects, all with different textures.

Select Add dark,add light,black white, blocks,blur ,emboss,extra colors,invert color,mirror x,mirror y,mirror xy,noise
color,noise mono,pixelize,posterize,remove colors,rotate CCW ,rotate CW,rotate horizontally,rotate vertically,saturation,
sharpen,smoke,snow,solarize,starsky,tiles,wave x,wave y, wave xy,zoom in or zoom out.

You can also use the "screen with effect" as your desktop wallpaper. Click on the start button,when effect reaches your favorite
state click the wallpaper button to set the wallpaper.

You can adjust the time delay of the effect and speed as well. You can also create a shortcut to your favorite effect ,click the
shortcut button to create a shortcut on your desktop.
Press "esc" to get back to your normal desktop.

jasminder singh
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  • Very good software to get rid of somebody who can spoil you computer. Just use an effect and tell him/her "you spoiled my computer" huh
  • You can create interesting wallpapers with this software as well


  • None, its fun
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